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Photo Courtesy Robinson Helicopter Co.

Welcoming a New Era: Robinson Helicopter’s Vision Under New Leadership

Robinson Helicopter, a beacon of innovation in the aviation industry, stands on the cusp of a thrilling new chapter with the appointment of David Smith as the new President and CEO. This significant leadership transition heralds an era of fresh perspectives and continued excellence for Robinson, promising to enhance the legacy of a company known for its commitment to safety, reliability, and affordability.

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

For over five decades, Robinson Helicopter has carved its niche in the aviation world, embodying the spirit of innovation while ensuring the highest standards of safety and performance. The company’s journey, from its humble beginnings to becoming a global leader in civilian rotorcraft, is a testament to its dedication to excellence.

Meet the New CEO: David Smith

David Smith steps into the role of CEO with a robust background in aviation and a rich history of leadership. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Smith brings over eighteen years of experience from Textron, predominantly spent at Bell along with nearly five years at sister company TRU Simulation. This extensive experience, especially his work on the Bell 505, which competes directly with the Robinson R66, equips Smith with the unique insights necessary to steer Robinson Helicopter towards new heights of innovation and success.

Under Smith’s guidance, Robinson Helicopter is poised to maintain its legacy while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the future. His prior roles have imbued him with a deep understanding of design, analysis, testing, and certification efforts, all of which are crucial for driving the company forward in an increasingly competitive and technologically advanced industry.

What This Means for Our Clients

Smith’s vision for Robinson Helicopter centers on enhancing product development, improving business systems, and expanding manufacturing capabilities. He is committed to elevating the company’s reputation for safety and reliability, building on its legacy of growth and innovation. This focus promises to bring about advancements that will directly benefit Robinson’s clientele, from improved manufacturing processes to the introduction of new product enhancements.

Smith’s leadership also signals a strategic ramp-up in Sales and Marketing efforts, aiming to solidify Robinson’s position as the preferred choice for civilian rotorcraft solutions worldwide. This includes pushing the envelope in advanced technologies and potentially announcing new partnerships and technological advancements that will keep Robinson at the forefront of the industry.


The appointment of David Smith as the new President and CEO of Robinson Helicopter Company marks a momentous occasion in the company’s storied history. With a vision that aligns with Robinson’s core values of innovation, safety, and excellence, Smith is set to lead the company into a future filled with promising opportunities and achievements. Robinson Helicopter invites its community of operators, prospective buyers, and aviation enthusiasts to join in this exciting new chapter, as we continue to set the standard for excellence in the aviation industry.