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How many passengers can fly at one time?

Our Helicopter holds 3 passengers per tour. Every seat is a window seat.for groups of 4 or more, we run tours back to back and often let you fill the empty seat on each ride for free so someone can ride twice!

Is there a weight restriction?

Yes. Each seat has a weight limit of 275 LBS (124 KG). Total weights for all passengers cannot exceed 550 LBS (250 KG). These are weight restrictions set by the manufacturer of the helicopter – we did not decide the limitations but have to adhere to them.

what happens if the weather is bad?

Our Pilots are always monitoring the weather. Your Pilot will be the one to make the final call as to if weather will be a factor for your flight. If for whatever reason the weather does not cooperate, we will reschedule your flight for a mutually agreeable day and time. if we can’t reschedule your flight for out of town guests, we will of course issue a full refund as weather is out of everyone’s control.

When should I arrive for my Miami Helicopter tour?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Your Pilot will greet you, get you checked in, and give you a safety briefing before your flight.

what do I need to bring with?

All passengers need to bring a government issued photo ID.  We do not accept expired ID or photos of IDs. All passengers must also bring the credit card used for booking the reservation. If you do not have this – you will not fly and will be charged a rescheduling fee.

Do I need an appointment or can we just show up?

All Tours need to be reserved in advance online. We do not accept walk in customers.