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About Us

Meet the Team of Heli Air Miami and Ivarson Aviation

Bryan – Chief Pilot

Bryan has been flying helicopters since 2010, and has well over 2,000 hours of helicopter time and has flown over 6,000 passengers. Starting out years ago In Chicago, Bryan flew Enstrom, Robinson, and Hughes Helicopters. He later moved to Key west to fly and manage a helicopter tour operation there before coming to Miami. Bryan has flown everything from tours, utility survey, inspections, aerial photo flights, marriage proposals, gender reveals and more! You name it, Bryan has probably flown it! 

Victor – Line Pilot

Victor has been flying for over 10 years and has almost 4000 hours of experience in helicopters. When not flying for us, Victor flys for Firehawk Aviation – doing aerial firefighting missions and search and rescue in Yellowstone National Park. Before that, Victor flew various other jobs including tuna boat missions scouting schools of tuna over the pacific ocean, worked for Haverfield Aviation doing powerline constructin in MD500 Helicopters, and many other jobs! 

Wayne – Owner/ Line Pilot

Wayne got started in aviation back in 2013 while learning how to fly helicopters in Chicago. Starting with a small Hughes 269 Helicopter and moving up to a Hughes 500 flying tours and commercial work. From there, Wayne moved to Key west to fly tours before opening Heli Air Miami and Ivarson Aviation. You can find Wayne in the cockpit from time to time in Miami, or up in Chicago. 

Why choose us?

Lowest Cost Option in Miami

We have the lowest Price 30 minute helicopter tour in Miami. you wont find it cheaper than booking direct with Heli Air Miami and Ivarson Aviation.

Perfect Safety Record

Our Pilots are some of the most experienced helicopter Pilots in the country and operate Robinson R44 helicopters, one of the most proven and popular helicopters built.

We don't play games

Other operators play pricing games, and are not transparent. With us, what you see is what you get. Good, Honest, reliable fun.

Happy customers

Travel awards

Accident Safety record


See what our passengers think

I had an awesome experience on my helicopter tour! The pilot was so knowledgeable about the area and I even got to see some manatees hanging out in a lagoon.

– Megan A.

Bryan was our pilot and we had an incredible time. The views of Miami are beautiful and the helicopter is in excellent condition. Smooth ride the whole time. Highly recommend!

– Dennis B

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